Specialized in desing and electronic
devices developements, but not only.
Our Speciality

Product Design

We understand Product Design from a global point of view. Products have a very extensive journey over time, from industrialization, with its consequent expenses, through marketing and ways of convincing consumers, its transport, its distribution, its use, its useful life… It is It is essential to be aware of this, to convince the greatest number of people, a key factor in the success of a product.

Innovation is the way we understand


Investments in R&D&I usually involve more capital than the usual product launch, so minimizing risk is a difficult task, but an obligation, especially when the goal is to launch new market formulas. Our formula, optimize resources, contemplate the entire route of the products or services and convince, convince the greatest number of people with the resulting mix.

Your tailored suit

Brand Recognition

The conception of a global vision of the product, and above all the experience of designing and developing products for companies of recognized prestige, makes us aware of the importance of the user’s perception. They are our best sales representatives, placing them at the center and designing satisfactory experiences, designing clear communication strategies, avoiding the loss of information in the product development chain.

"Turnkey" Solutions

Prototyping and Electronic Design

With nearly 20 years of experience working with household and electronic products, interacting with the Chinese market in the design and development of a good number of products of different kinds, it allows us to offer our clients a “turnkey” service, from paper blank to the industrialized and imported product. For this, prototyping, with 100% functional models, is essential, and the only option to validate the proposed formulas.

Patents and brands Registry

The protection of innovative formulas, a necessity when making the high costs of research, development and innovation profitable.

Product Certifiactions

The relocation of the means of production is an undeniable reality, knowing the legislative obligations and their compliance is vital.

Import Advisory

Importing products has become the day-to-day of a large number of companies, growing every day if they want to be competitive in the markets.

Costs Optimization

Provide projects with the cost factor for decision making. Optimization is the tool that allows companies to be competitive.

Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing today is a technological issue, CAD or computer-aided design, the tool to validate the transition from paper to reality with guaranties.

Electronic Engineering

The basis of the electronic elements is the engineering that allows said device to fulfill its function. It is a key factor when it comes to differentiating and satisfying the user.

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