Yenxa by Almotech

Initially, we were contacted for the industrialization of a designed and prototyped product, but the objectives set by its CEO and the silver design were not consistent, so they were offered a phase 0 optimization of the design for industrialization according to objectives. of costs.

The product design, in accordance with the specifications set by said phase 0, is by Javier Vidorreta, under the strict supervision of Marc Martínez Creative Solutions. In addition, given that the formulations of the capsules and the stage of the Start up, the resulting operational prototype, thanks to the implementation of the operational design and prototyping of the plates of the appliance and the selection of each and every one of the internal components of this to be able to perform its function, to which a control application was added to be able to work with the formulations and with the times and temperatures necessary to achieve optimal results.

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CustomerCloen (Almotech)
ServicesDesign Consulting / Product Development Consulting / Electronic Design / Operative Prototype
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