Product Design

We understand Product Design in a global sense. Specialized in electronic devices and home appliances with a “turnkey” service, from blank paper to product industrialization, but not only.


R&D&I Consultacy

Innovate and develop to solve problems, from a broad point of view. Optimized solutions without losing sight of the requirements of the market and/or the client, providing our point of view.



Product and Visual Communication hand in hand so that its benefits are not lost along the way and that the buyer/user has the information that facilitates the user experience.


Prototyping Services

Derived from our “turnkey” service, we offer our clients the possibility of prototyping products designed or not, as well as the validation of said operational prototypes.


Electronic Design and Apps

Electronic products have as particularity the components and their programming to fulfill their function, we offer solutions both in prototyping and in the industrialization of the product.


Intellectual Property

We advise our clients regarding the registration of patents and trademarks in different areas, in addition to the possibility of offering our clients solutions to previous registrations.


Marc Martinez CS

Our trajectory supports us.

Throughout more than 20 years, in Marc Martinez Creative Solutions, we have faced projects of different kinds. Consolidated companies such as Cecotec, Sancal, Expormim, Cloen (Porcelanosa’s technological partner), Quickjuice, Caparrós Comunicación (Roca, Bellavista) have trusted us to bring their projects to fruition, some of them with millions of units sold.


Here is a sample of our most representative projects. At Marc Martinez Creative Solutions, face each and every one of our projects with professionalism and aligning our interests with those of our clients.


Going deeper is the basis for knowing the current state of a solution, a market or a technology.

+ Developement

To shuffle all the alternatives, essential, to be able to make the most appropriate decision-making for the market.

+ Innovate

In deep knowledge, interaction in the development and exploration of the environment, they are key to joining scattered points or improved and/or different solutions.