Smart Kitchen, de Cloen, para Porcelanosa

Smart Kitchen is a system of invisible induction hobs, electrical appliances and cookware, designed so that the kitchen becomes a tool for cooking, taking advantage of the combination of cooking elements with electrical appliances, since the hobs on these hobs not only serve to cook, but also power, without the need for cables or batteries, the appliances designed for it.

This project is an initiative of Cloen Europa s.l., which has allowed it to become Porcelanosa’s technological partner, since it is the latter that markets invisible systems. And have been awarded with an IF DESIGN AWARD in 2023.

The possibility of combining appliances and cooking elements allows the user to cook different preparations at the same time, that is, to make recipes in an infinitely more comfortable way.

System of invisible countertops, appliances and battery

This solution combines the beauty of cleaning resulting from turning an induction hob invisible, with the usefulness and comfort that comes from being able to combine in the same position electrical appliances such as programmable electric pots, mixers, smoothie makers… When combined, they turn this device into a multifunction element that facilitates the preparation of recipes with multiple elaborations, by allowing you to face these elaborations at the same time.

It is worth highlighting the path that this project has, if it evolves in the direction proposed to both companies of allowing the programming of all the elements, which would make this element the only multitasking and multifunction robot on the market.

In this project, Marc Martinez Creative Solutions has participated in the design and development of the set, implementing solutions to prevent heat transmission to the countertop when cooking directly on it, but has advised and formalized the registrations to patent the current state as the potential of said project.

Do not doubt to see a video about it here

Invisible worktop, with a minimal interface, as well as subtle markings, with the intention that only the user detects the position of the three burners/feeders