Lavab´ Ou built in plywood washbasin

Lavab’Ou is made of plywood, there is also a version in synthetic resin. It is a proposal that appeals to sensations, due both to its organic forms and to the exaltation of these generated by the layers of plywood.

Awarded the second BANEO award from Cevisama (Valencia), it is an innovative proposal, which opens new paths and reflections regarding the materials used for the manufacture of washbasins, but above all in the possibility of offering the user a different and differentiated experience in its relationship with personal hygiene.

Lavab’Ou is a mixture of tradition, wood as the basic material, and innovation, using technology to achieve new formulas in the bathroom world.

The first gesture a person makes when seeing the Lavab’Ou is to touch its curves and its surface. The warmth of the plywood and the laminate of its curves generate an irrepressible impulse.

Lavab’Ou, in short, is a proposal that encourages reflection and sensoriality in our relationship with water and with daily hygiene and our relationship with our body.

The synthetic resin version is a more affordable option and the texture and color of the resin also acts as a call to action, sensuality in its purest form.