Sartenes Premium

Cecotec is a company of prestige and unquestionable recognition, this is the battery that was designed to offer a differentiated product from the immense offer of frying pan sets on the market. This design is made of injected aluminium, it is the process that generates the differentiation of the majority of forged or cold struck frying pans.

Thanks to this process, it has been possible to propose a set of pans, saucepans and pots with a friendly gesture that marks the entire collection. It also comes in white or black finishes and with handles in wood or colored finishes.

The hole induction system has been completed with the design of the base of the collection that evokes the lens of a camera, something that has projected the kitchen, thanks to social networks to a previously unknown level.

ClienteCecotec Innovaciones
ServiciosDiseño Producto
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