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Sartenes Premium Cecotec

Premium Pans by Cecotec

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The Cecotec Premium Pans are a battery made up of 6 pieces of injected aluminium, available in black and white. A robust base that makes the pans compatible with any type of kitchen, and waves on its sides to give the battery a differentiating personality.


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Quickjuice is a start up that seeks to launch an appliance to the market to make juices from capsules. In this regard, from Marc Martinez Creative Solutions, we participate in the design of the appliance, as well as the generation of a corporate identity appropriate to the target set by the company.
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Smartbath Sign Smart Technologies

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Smartbath is a project for Sign Smart Technologies, a smart products company. The Smartbath baby bathtub is a bathtub that facilitates the baby’s bath, as well as offers parents the possibility of monitoring their growth in more detail. Through the connection of the product, as an IoT element, it allows Smartbath, with the accumulation of […]

Murmullo, design editions

Murmullo is a corporate identity created for a product design publisher, with the aim of offering products with personality, persistent over time. A clear intention to offer new timeless icons for the home.

Flux CS

Flux cs is a lighting engineering company that carries out projects for companies such as Nespresso, Apple,… The corporate identity for this service company, inspired by the continuity of light waves, seeks to generate a recognizable stamp, not only in its corporate identity, if not its projects, which provides engineering knowledge applied to lighting decoration.