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Soap Machine Yenxa Almotech

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In this project, we have collaborated with Cloen to offer Almotech the possibility of industrializing its product capable of recycling used oil, adding water and capsules and converting it into all kinds of soaps. A phase 0 of product optimization has been carried out with respect to the initial design and the design of the […]

Model G by Ollas GM

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The programmable pot Model G, from Pots GM, is a successful product, without a doubt. In our collaboration with Ollas GM, from Cecotec Innovaciones, there were sales of more than 1 million units within 3 years. This model is the latest evolution, to which a scale was incorporated, to improve the user experience and where […]

Murmullo, design editions

Murmullo is a corporate identity created for a product design publisher, with the aim of offering products with personality, persistent over time. A clear intention to offer new timeless icons for the home.