Olla Programable Modelo G

The programmable Pots of Pots GM, are a reference in the Spanish market. It is a product that is widely recognized by people who love kitchen tools that improve the lives of users, since it allows endless recipes to be made with the same device.

Not only was a scale added to the G model to improve the user experience when reproducing recipes, but also usability and versatility were increased, and marked a before and after in what Cecotec is today. , since the bases were implanted not only for the treatment of the product, positioning the user in the center, but also a communication strategy was developed to facilitate the learning period that every new user needs to be convinced that this product is a tool to make life easier for its users.

With the development of a tutorial menu, in which a number of recipes per menu were established, ordered from greater to lesser difficulty. As well as an LCD screen, in the case of the Olla G Deluxe, in which the feedback was improved, for the better understanding of the user of the device. An action from start to finish, which allowed avoiding the loss of information that served to convince many users, who today are followers of the brand and its products.

Do not doubt to see a presentation video here

ClienteCecotec Innovaciones (Ollas GM)
ServiciosDiseño Producto / Dirección Artística / Comunicación Producto
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