Smartbath, an IoT product

Smartbath is a global project for Sign Smart Technologies. A product has been developed to improve the experience of daily baby grooming, not only for babies, but also for parents and to make this task easier and more pleasant.

In addition, from the beginning, the control by app of the product with its design and corporate identity was established, not only of the app but also of the branding and its brand recognition throughout the entire product. It is a complex product, which includes not only the bathtub, since it is intended to be a solution for 0-6 years. It includes support for early ages, as well as support to have the right height for the bathroom, but also the possibility of placing it on a countertop or inserting it in the bathtub at later ages.

Internet of things products, such as this one, which seeks to generate data, with the intention of premature detection of diseases derived from growth, could also help us detect new patterns not detected today that would provide information for new premature detections .

Smartbath, refers to the fact that it is a connected product, what we call the Internet of Things (IoT) with the following functions, the possibility of controlling said element from any point with mobile or internet connectivity, and on the other hand, with the The intention is to offer parents a series of information that allows them to monitor the baby’s growth, as well as the early detection of a growth-related disease.

If this device could be applied to a large sample of the population, it could even be used to detect patterns, not currently detected, of possible growth diseases for which we do not know these patterns, since parents could provide much more information than the that we can obtain today, with scheduled visits to the pediatrician.

This model of baby bathtub offers a more complete solution to make it easier for parents to clean their babies on a daily basis, and for them to enjoy a pleasant experience not only for babies, and all this in less time, as it is a model that automates achieving the ideal bathroom